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Community Service

Our vision for community service is explained by Pastor Paul Ortlinghaus in the video below created in 2009 by Volunteer Now. SOMA won the award "Best Club/Outstanding Service Club Volunteer Award" from Volunteer Now and was recognized at an awards ceremony in October 2009.

Jesus encouraged all His followers to serve and love their neighbors. Jesus expected His disciples to serve food, heal the sick, take care of widows, and love the forgotten. Jesus even compared taking care of people on the fringe of society to taking care of Himself (Matthew 25:35-40). And Jesus knew what He was talking about because studies have shown that serving is the best way to lift depression and we have found that the happiest people are those who are serving others. And when you serve others with friends your friendships are strengthened.

There are many unique opportunities to serve at SOMA. We encourage everyone to serve both the local church community as well as the larger community of Sonoma County. If you like to clean, teach, bake, plan, or even shop we can find somewhere for you to serve.

Some of our SOMA Serve events have included: our annual Easter Brunch for the Homeless, BBQ and open house for Kid Street Learning Center, picking up trash at a local elementary school, washing windshields in downtown Santa Rosa, clearing hiking trails at a Regional Park, painting two foster children homes at The Children's Village and making birthday cakes for the kids who lived there, building fences for handicapped individuals, raised funds to build a well with fresh water for a village in Kenya and clearing poison oak at a Historical Cemetery.

Here are links to some of SOMA's past service projects.

pd_soma_easter2015Articles from The Press Democrat about our Annual Easter Brunch for the Homeless.

2016 Easter Brunch

2015 Easter Brunch

2014 Easter Brunch

2009 Easter Brunch 

Rasing money to build a well through Kid's For The Kingdom/Advent Conspiracy