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Providence, Today's Sermon, and Scripture Memory

So I'm sitting at my computer tonight...wrapping up the week...looking and planning ahead for this coming week. One part of my week is to memorize the Fighter Verses that we as a church are memorizing (you still memorizing??). Here is the verse for this week that we are to say/recite on April 20/21:

Isaiah 43:25 (ESV)
“I, I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins."

Do you see what I see? I see that God says He "blots out (our) transgressions." He blots out our sins. He wipes away our sins. He cancels the record of debt that stood against us. Sound familiar? Do you see what I saw?

Todays sermon was from Acts chapter 3 and the healing of a lame man. After the event itself Peter gives an explanation of what has happened and what the event means. In Acts 3:19-20 Peter lists three blessings that come when we are saved, when we have repented. The first blessing is that our sins are blotted out.

Acts 3:19 (ESV)
Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out.

Blotted out. Canceled (Colossians 2:14). Wiped away. Gone. Astounding.

Does God want SOMA to marvel in this truth and blessing that comes with being saved? I believe He does. I believe in His providence we not only found ourselves focusing on this today but now this week we get the joy of memorizeing Isaiah 43:25 so that we can "preach the gospel to ourselves." We get to hide in our hearts the promise from God that He "blots out our transgressions." I couldn't have planned this months back when we adopted the Fighter Verse program. I couldn't have arranged this months back when I was led for us to study Acts on Sunday mornings.

Glorious! Absolutely glorious! God is good. Take this as a gift from Him. Memorize Isaiah 43:25. Preach this to yourself this week. Be transformed.