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Thursdays are for Theology - Church as Organism & Organization

We are in a new sermon series called Church Like We Mean it. We are using the famous summary in Acts 2:42-47 and although there are several ways to summarize how this passage describes what the early church looked like, we are folowing the lead of John Stott. The early church was

  1. A Learning Church
  2. A Loving Church
  3. A Worshiping Church
  4. An Evangelistic Church

It is our desire at SOMA to be a church like we mean it and to have these same things true of us.

It is important to remember that the Church exists as both a divinely created organism and as a human run organization. The balance between the two is difficult to maintain. This is critical if we will be and do church like we mean it.

In an early sermon from Redeember Presbyterian Church, Pastor Tim Keller noted that

(These) things are the result of God’s operation of the Spirit in our hearts. Yet, at the same time, those are things we’re commanded to do. It’s a mistake to think you can bring these things about completely through your planning and programming. It’s also a mistake to think we just sit and wait passively for God to do it to us and we make no provision for those... things.


God woud you please send the Holy Spirit and pour out on SOMA like you did in the book of Acts.

And while we pray and wait for you Holy Spirit, we will align ourselves with your Word and seek to be the church like we mean it.