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Thursdays are for Theology - The Doctrine of Election

For this week's Thursdays are for Theology post I'm going to cheat by having you read a blog post from Tim Keller. On Sunday we conclude our Church Like We Mean It series with a look at being "An Evangelistic Church." Stated simply, to be an evangelistic church means to be a church that proclaims the good news of the work of Jesus Christ (through his life and death and resurrection) to save sinful humanity. An evangelistic church invites people to call on the name of the Lord Jesus for salvation (Romans 10:13).

So how does the doctrine of election fit within a church that seeks to be evangelistic?

We will talk about this on Sunday, but before then I would like to invite you to read this post by Tim Kelller entitled "3 Objections to the Doctrine of Election." Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and read away.