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Questioning Christianity Livestream with Tim Keller

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Every Thursday until April 18, 2019

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: 840 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Whether you have questions yourself, or you have a friend that has raised questions about Christianity, please join us.

Each night will have a light dinner, a 30-35 minute talk from Tim Keller and a 30-35 minute Q&A time (questions will only be accepted by in-person attendees).

Weekly Topics (not in order and subject to change):

  • Faith and Proof: All, even the most secular people, are living their lives on the basis of faith—beliefs they can’t prove. This means it is not just Christians who have the burden of proof for their beliefs. Everyone does.
  • Meaning: Christianity gives you a meaning in life that suffering can’t take away.
  • Satisfaction: Christianity gives you a satisfaction not based on circumstances.
  • Identity: Christianity gives you an identity that is anti-fragile, not crushing, and doesn’t exclude others.
  • Morality: Christianity gives you an explanation for the indelible conviction that there is moral obligation and absolutes.
  • Justice: Christianity gives you a basis for doing justice that doesn’t turn you into an oppressor.
  • Hope: Christianity gives you a hope that can face anything, a hope in the future and in the face of death.

Please visit Questioning Christianity Livestream with Tim Keller to complete your registration.

If you have questions please email info (at) somachurch (dot) us 

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