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SOMA Family Dinner (Paul & Kristen's Home)

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July 7, 2019

5:00pm – 7:30pm

Location: 1735 Walnut Creek Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Sunday Family Dinner! We all know how important it is to regularly share a meal with our immediate family. It is equally important to share a meal with our church family because sitting down for a meal is a great way to connect with others and deepen relationships. And sitting in someone's home increases that community so one Sunday of every other month we will be sharing a meal in a home.

Tim Chester's book "A Meal With Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community, and Mission around the Table" he argues that "meals should be an significant and shared part of our community life. They represent the meaning of mission, but they more than represent it, they embody and enact our mission. For Jesus “feast” was not just a “metaphor” for the kingdom. As Jesus announced the feast of the kingdom, He also brought it into reality through His own feasting. Unlike may theologians, He did not come preaching an ideology, promoting ideas, or teaching moral maxims. He came teaching about the feast of the kingdom, and He came feasting in the kingdom. Jesus did not go around merely talking about eating and drinking; he went around eating and drinking. A lot. He did evangelism and discipleship round a table with some grilled fish, a loaf of bread, and a pitcher of wine."

Kids are WELCOME! Our earlier start time is selected so that young kids can be home in time for bed.

If your last name begins with A-O please bring a maindish to share. If your last name begins with P-Z please bring a salad to share. Please be generous with your dishes so we have enough to share.

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