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Is The Bible True?

March 25, 2007 Speaker: Paul Ortlinghaus Series: The God Questions

Topic: Apologetics

Here is the chart/table discussing Manuscript evidence.

Author When Written
Earliest Copy
Time Span
# of copies
100-44 BC AD 900
1,000 yrs
Plato 427-347 BC AD 900
1,200 yrs
Tacitus AD 100
AD 1100
900 yrs
Thucydides 460-400 BC AD 900
1,300 yrs
Herodotus 384-322 BC AD 900
1,300 yrs
Aristotle 450-385 BC AD 900
1,400 yrs
Homer (Iliad) 900 BC
400 BC
500 yrs
New Testament
AD 40-100
AD 125
25 yrs

This is a list of some of the most important and trusted documents of antiquity. The closest one to the NT in sheer numbers is Homer's Iliad.

When it comes to the accuracy of knowing what was in the original texts of the books of the Bible, no other literary piece comes close.

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