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Athens: Responding to Culture

March 9, 2014 Speaker: Paul Ortlinghaus Series: Acts: What Jesus Continued to Do and to Teach

Topic: Book Passage: Acts 17:16–17:34

As Paul made his way to Athens, the foremost Greek city-state of his day...the city with such a remarkable artistic and philosophical reputation, how did he respond? Commentator John Stott writes:

“What was (Paul's) reaction? What should be the reaction of a Christian who visits or lives in a city which is dominated by a non-Christian ideology or religion, a city which may be aesthetically magnificent and culturally sophisticated, but morally decadent and spiritually deceived or dead?"

In this sermon we learn how Paul responded by noting what Paul

  • Saw (17:16)
  • Felt (17:16)
  • Did (17:17-21)
  • Said (17:22-31)

Our response to culture should ultimately lead us to pray "God, give me Your eyes..."


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