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Big Brother is Making us Family

February 26, 2017 Speaker: Paul Ortlinghaus Series: Patterns

Topic: Church Passage: Luke 8:1–3, Luke 8:19–21, John 13:34–35

In this sermon we see that Big Brother* Jesus is making us family. We see three things:

  1. Who is in this family
  2. What it means to be in this family
  3. How we become part of this family.


* In the Bible there are many titles and names given to Jesus and one of those speaks of him as the “first born among many brothers” (Romans 8:29). In fact in Jewish society the rights and responsibilities of being a firstborn son resulted in considerable prestige and status. The firstborn son, for example, received twice as much in inheritance as any other offspring. And so the Biblical writers call Jesus the “firstborn” - or Elder-Brother - implying that he has this considerable prestige and status. In Hebrews 2:11 it says of believers that Jesus is not ashamed to call us his brothers & sisters.


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