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Remarkably and Wondrously Made

January 24, 2021 Speaker: Paul Ortlinghaus Series: Stand Alone Sermons

Passage: Psalm 139:1–18

In this message we see that every person - including and especially the unborn child in the womb - is remarkably and wondrously made.

The sermon had three parts:

  1. What God says about the unborn
  2. How we can and must clarify and simplify the abortion issue
  3. God is in the business of forgiving and offering grace - and therefore so are we


  • Pastor Paul recomended the book The Case for Life by Scott Klusendor.
  • Here is the handout by Scott Klusendorf that Pastor Paul provided at the end of the sermon on defending the pro-life view.
  • Here is the link for Bridges Pregnancy Clinic & Care Center
  • Here is the link for Sonoma County Pro Life
  • In Pastor Paul's closing illustration he mentioned that in 2018 abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide with over 41 million abortions. Here is the article explaining this number.


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