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The New Community: Life Together

February 5, 2023 Speaker: Paul Ortlinghaus Series: A Firm Foundation: Following the framework for transformation

Passage: Acts 2:42–47

In Acts 2:42-47 we see the "New Community" devoted to several things including "the fellowship" - which meant doing life together.

Pastor Tony Merida offers the following questions for assessing our commitment to the fellowship.

  • Do you have fellowship with God through Jesus?
  • Are you working at building deep relationships with others in the church?
  • Could it be that you love the idea of community more than the actual people in your church?
  • Are you complaining about a lack of community rather than asserting yourself to serve and love others in your congregation?
  • Do you show up to events and meetings faithfully?
  • Do you arrive early enough to interact with people on Sunday, or are you a ninja, slipping in late and excusing yourself before the service ends?
  • Are you involved in others’ lives throughout the week?
  • Are you sensitive to the needs of your brothers and sisters?
  • Are you grateful for them? Have you told them about what they mean to you?

(From Tony Merida, Exalting Jesus in Acts, Nashville, TN: Holman Reference, 2017, 43.)

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