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What in the world is God doing?

January 25, 2009 Speaker: Gil Stieglitz

Topic: Topical Passage: Matthew 5:3–5:4

What in the World is God doing?

Have you ever been tempted to look up to heaven and scream at God, “What in the World are you doing?”  We know that God is in control but we often do not know how what is happening in our life could in any way be a part of His plan.   This message peels back the curtain and shows us what God is up to in our lives.   When we realize what God is doing and cooperate with Him rather than fight Him, our whole life will change.

Ephesians 2:10
We are God’s workmanship (project, poem, tool, equipment)

God’s Curriculum = Matthew 5:3-12

1. Poor in Spirit (5:3)
Blessed are those who realize they are needy.

  • How to draw God’s blessing in to my life
  • How to correct the 5 problems in marriage
  • Experiencing God’s love & forgiveness
  • How to hear from God
  • How to overcome lust
  • How to inject wisdom into children
  • How to start a relationship with God

2. Mourn (5:4)
(The two favorite ways of dealing with pain are denial and medication.)
Blessed are those who have processed their pain.

Anger; Crying; Shouting; Seek Justice; Truth telling; Read or Sing the Psalms; Talk it out; Argue with God; Pray; Write; Sing;  Psalm 60:1-3

Action Steps: What do you need to do?

  1. Ask God what course He has enrolled you in?
  2. Admit you need God and His solutions
  3. Start processing the pain in your life