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Bible Reading in 2020

bible reading

Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason is famous for saying that we should never read a Bible verse. His point is that verses have a context and that we ought to at minimum read the paragraph that a particular verse is within.

His point is humorously illustrated by the anecdotal parable of a man who was seeking God’s will for his life by opening his Bible and reading whichever verse he saw first.

One day, as he was going through a difficult time with his family, he sought the Lord’s guidance. Opening his Bible, he pointed to a random verse. His finger rested on Matthew 27:5: Then Judas went away and hanged himself. Puzzled by these directions, but still hungry for a word from God, he called a “do-over” and flipped to another page. His eyes settled on Luke 10:37: Go and do likewise. Flustered but chalking it up to coincidence, the man decided to give his method one last chance. Saying a quick prayer, he flipped the page and placed his finger on John 13:27. There, staring up at him, was a command from Jesus: What you are about to do, do quickly.

Never read a Bible verse!

But in 2020 how about reading many verses in the Bible by utilizing a Bible reading plan?

As the New Year approaches I’d like to encourage us a church family to plan our Bible reading. For the last couple of years I have worked my way through the 5 Day Bible Reading Plan. This is a plan that takes the reader through the Bible in one year. There are readings for five days of the week which allows for catch up if necessary. It also puts the Old Testament readings in chronological order. There are handouts available on our Information Table on Sundays or you can click here and download a PDF.

Here is a link to a wonderful summary article that has several different Bible reading plans. Why not set aside 15-20 minutes today or tomorrow and look through this list and the various plans and determine which one might be a fit. Some are simply PDF downloads and print-outs. Some are connected to the YourVersion Bible app for smartphones/tablets.

The Bible is God’s self-revelation. It is the primary way that we get to know the one who made us and loves us and saved us. Let’s read his words to us in 2020.


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