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The Road to Sonoma Avenue


Hopefully everyone that calls SOMA home has heard about our forthcoming move from Kid Street Charter School to the Santa Rosa SDA (Seventh-day Adventist) Church located at 840 Sonoma Avenue. We are looking forward to this move and the next chapter we will enter as a church. Our first Sunday on Sonoma Avenue will be May 5th!

Change brings a mixture of emotions, and a change in Sunday meeting location is a BIG deal! I’ve had several weeks of seeing the campus and praying about the possibilities. I can honestly tell you that I am excited about the transition and I hope you’ll join me in embracing this change as a wonderful opportunity for SOMA. We are still committed to the mission of making disciples - helping people begin and mature in their relationship with God. We are still committed to our vision - by God’s grace we are becoming a Spiritually transformed community that is actively loving God and loving others in Sonoma County and the world. Moving to Sonoma Avenue will be good for our mission and vision!

Here are a few of our thoughts about SOMA’s move to Sonoma Avenue.

First, as a “church building” the SDA campus is better suited for what we as a church do and seek to do for our Sunday gathering. This includes all of our needs for SOMA kids, the space for our worship service, the space for meals and gatherings, etc. The campus is in good condition and it is kept very clean. Related is the fact that Sonoma Avenue is a great road in terms of the facility being visible and easily accessible and easily found for guests.

Second, we will have access to the SDA campus for other times during the week besides Sundays as we schedule them in cooperation with the SDA Church. We can reserve space for things like the Men’s Deeper Study and our monthly prayer meeting. We can also reserve space for future “special” events like the Questioning Christianity Livestream we are currently hosting.

Third, the SDA campus is still located in downtown Santa Rosa. When SOMA launched as a church in 2008 our desire was to meet on Sundays in downtown Santa Rosa - in close proximity to where Hwy 101 and Hwy 12 intersect. We began at the Courtyard by Marriott off 3rd Street, and since 2010 we have been meeting at Kid Street. The SDA Church is located near the corner of Sonoma Avenue & E Street - 840 Sonoma Avenue. It is less than 1/2 mile from the Old Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa. We will still have plenty of opportunities to be a community for our community and to love our city in many of the same ways that we have in the past. Plus there will be many new opportunities for loving our new neighbors.

It was fun allowing several of you a “sneak peek” at the facility. In the weeks to come we will provide some other opportunities for everyone who is interested to walk through and see the space. We will also let you know when we will begin the process of packing and moving and we would love any help you are able to offer.

If you have questions and comments please reach out.

For the Pastor-Elders,