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Christmas Insights


If you would like to go deeper exploring some important aspects of Christmas, the following topics and links will provide you with some excellent insights.

The Virgin Birth
If you like to read I would recommend the classic work by J. Gresham Machen entitled The Virgin Birth of Christ. Kevin DeYoung wrote a WONDERFUL and concise article a couple of years back entitled "Is the Virgin Birth Essential?" I agree with DeYoung that it is and this is a great place to begin pondering the miracle.

Old Testament Prophesies
Several of the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary have a podcast episode in which they address "Old Testament Fulfillment in the Christmas Story." You can watch and listen and even read a transcript of their discussion.

Sharing Jesus at Christmas
Finally I'd encourage your to take a look at this page from Stand To Reason. They offer several short videos all for the purpose of encouraging us to "Be Prepared to Talk about Jesus This Season."

Jesus on TV
There is a new TV series in production on the life of Christ. You can read a great interview with the creator here, but even better is the Pilot epsidoe that you can watch here! I am very excited about this.

Come To Worship
You might also want to listen or re-listen to one of the sermons in our Christmas 2018 sermon series entitled "Come To Worship."