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Thursday are for Theology - The Resurrection

Having just celebrated Easter/Resurrection Sunday, I thought I'd share three things related to the doctrine of Resurrection in this weeks "Thursdays are for theology" post. Enjoy!

risen.bookI am reading this wonderful little book that I highly recommend called Risen: 50 reasons why the resurrection changed everything. The chapters are less than two pages each and it is a great supplement to my time alone with God each day. I'm sure various insights and gleanings will find their way into my forthcoming sermons.

If you were busy serving on Easter at the Brunch and were unable to hear my sermon you can stream or downlowad it as usual (it is only 15 minutes!). Towards the end of my message I spoke about Christianity and the Resurrection and the public nature of our faith as opposed to the private nature of most other religions. Here are two images that explain this point.



Tim Keller's Easter sermon this year is called "Encountering the Risen King." It is a great message to strengthen our convictions regarding the historicity of the Resurrection. Why not watch and then share it with a skeptical friend?

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