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How is your grip on the Bible?

How is your grip on the Bible? There are six ways we can attend to and guard God's Word in our life....

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Your work matters to God

Many of you shared with me how much you appreciated the Tim Keller sermon on "Faith Work" from May 22. I'm glad that it was such an encouragement and challenge for so many. Here is a list of a few other resources that have recently crossed my path. I share them with you in the hopes that they might continue to stir you up as you pray and think through how your work matte...

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Be angry and do not sin

I get angry. Just ask my kids. (Okay, please don't ask my kids.) It isn't a secret. People that know me have heard me share about my anger. I've shared about this in my preaching. It is one of my besetting sins that I hate and fight against and pray that God would be pleased to miraculously take away from me. This week we at SOMA are memorizing the following Fighter Verse...

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Preparing for a Sermon

As we have been learning from our "Endurance in the Gospel" series through 2 Timothy, the apostle Paul has had a lot to say to Timothy about the Word. Some of the synonyms that the apostle uses for the Word of God in 2 Timothy are: "the testimony about our Lord" (1:8) "the gospel" (1:8,10; 2:8) "the sound words" (1:13) "the good deposit" (1:14) "the word of truth" (...

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Thursday are for Theology - The Resurrection

Having just celebrated Easter/Resurrection Sunday, I thought I'd share three things related to the doctrine of Resurrection....

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Speaking the Gospel to Yourself

Here are several verses to use - what is often called "speaking the gospel to yourself - as you unpack the implications of the amazing promise from Romans 8:1: "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."...

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Thursdays are for Murmuring

Usually when I post on Thursday the title is "Thursdays are for Theology", followed by some specific area of theological study (for example "Thursdays are for Theology: The Doctrine of Election"). This Thursday is for murmuring. Yes, murmuring. The Bible calls us to murmur. Murmuring sounds like something we ought not to do. After all Philippians 2:14 says we are to "do a...

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SOMA, let's grow in loving God in 2016

Jesus said that what matters most is loving God. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.This is the great and first commandment. - Matthew 22:37-38 To put it simply, the best way to grow in our love for God is to spend time alone with Him. How do we spend time alone with Him? By reading the Bible - His self-...

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Thursdays are for Theology - Reformation Day

Reformation Day is the observance of the events of October 31, 1517. On that day, Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Buy why? ...

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Thursdays are for Theology - The Doctrine of Election

For this week's Thursdays are for Theology post I'm going to cheat by having you read a blog post from Tim Keller. On Sunday we conclude our Church Like We Mean It series with a look at being "An Evangelistic Church." Stated simply, to be an evangelistic church means to be a church that proclaims the good news of the work of Jesus Christ (through his life and death and res...

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