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Thursdays are for Theology - Unity in Essentials

When it comes to what we believe at SOMA, one important truth is that we strive for "unity in essentials, dialogue in differences."...

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First Fruits Update

This week we have a guest post on the Pastor-Elder Blog. __________ At the end of last year, SOMA selected a few people to form a "First Fruits Team". The point of this team is to discuss and prayerfully consider how SOMA can tithe 10% of all church giving in a way that helps ministries, both on a domestic and international level, as well as glorifies God and furthers Hi...

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When you need something Perfect, Sure, Right, and Pure

God's good word to us - the Bible - is utterly amazing. Psalm 19:7-8 describe some of these amazing aspects of God's self-revelation....

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REAPing in 2015

As the the New Year approaches I encourage you to be intentional with your Bible reading. There are so many tools and helps available for us to spend quality time alone with God in His Word. If you are not sure where in your Bible to read I highly recommend that you begin by reading this post by blogger Tim Challies. He provides links to many of the best reading plans incl...

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More on REAPing in 2015

In yesterdays post I encouraged you to be intentional in your time alone with God. I shared a simple and straight forward process called REAP (Read, Examine, Apply, Pray). I should note that REAP is not original with me. I first heard about it through the Verge Network and Austin Stone Community Church. Since tomorrow is January 1st I want to add one more component for yo...

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Living Your Dash

Several years ago I was doing a computer search for a 'tombstone picture' to be used in a Bible lesson; I do not recall why I decided to add my name to the search but there it was. The following concept is not original to me but it makes an interesting point. Tombstones generally show a birth date and a death date. While the dates are interesting the most important issue ...

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Holy Week Reflections, Resurrection Sunday

Reflections for Resurrection Sunday of Holy Week....

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Holy Week Reflections, Saturday

Reflections for Saturday of Holy Week....

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Holy Week Reflections, Good Friday ("It is finished!")

Reflections for Good Friday of Holy Week...

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Holy Week Reflections, Maundy Thursday

Reflections for Maundy Thursday of Holy Week....

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